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Back in the days of limited understanding and conservative approaches, genders were confined to specific roles and everyone had to do what was necessarily prescribed to them by society. People were not just bound by the roles but were also confined to a specific set of habits and hobbies. Putting on makeup was considered as a feminine characteristic only but with every dawn followed by every dusk, trends shifted to a great extent.

Today, men are seen wearing makeup and exhibiting their exceptional talents. All of this is considered as art and Packaging Vista believes that art is all about acceptance and diversity. The cosmetic industry is emerging as a strong one for over the past few years which is why the demand for innovation has increased even more. Packaging Vista offers a categorical line of custom cosmetic boxes to compliment your customized and attractive makeup. Described below are some of the coolest instances we have of our services:

Serum Boxes

The essentials of makeup include supple skin which is why serums hold a special place in the kit. However, all serums are packaged in glass bottles which require a sturdy packaging box for the bottle to stay safe from any breakage. Packaging Vista offers robust serum boxes to fulfill that need.

Foundation and Concealer Boxes

Covering the imperfections and blemishes on the face is the job of foundation and concealer. Well, making sure that they reach you safely is the job of Packaging Vista. Our customized boxes will ensure that your products don’t leak or break during the shipment or even during further use.

Powder Compacts Boxes

The setting powder will create a mess if its compact lid isn’t closed tightly which is why Packaging Vista offers such a packaging box that will not budge or lose its shape at all.

Eye Shadow Boxes

The need for customized packaging is to fulfill the requirement of a cool design. Packaging Vista checks that off the list as well. We give you the full opportunity of creating the design look that you want with the help of our team of designers. Just like a good eye shadow palette has every color to diversify the look on the canvas, similarly, we offer every kind of option in graphic designing.

Eyeliner Boxes

A perfect cat eye look is achieved when the liner is of good quality and isn’t spilling everywhere. This is why Packaging Vista is so big on manufacturing boxes that ensure the full security of your products. We make no compromises when it comes to the customization of your cosmetic boxes. You can select anything you want to customize your box in any way.

Lip Gloss Boxes

Last but not the least, a good lip gloss that keeps your lips hydrated is the star player of the team. We offer customized lip gloss boxes which will ensure that not only the bottles remain protected but the design also gives out charming vibes.


For any queries related to our services, feel free to reach out to the customer support team of Packaging Vista. In case of none, place your order for customized cosmetic boxes of your choice right away!

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